Growth Hacking

Ha Noi, Viet Nam · Full time


TechEvo cordially introduces “TechEvo Summer Internship 2019” open to students of all academic disciplines. The program will help you nurture your bright career with valuable knowledge that includes mastering digital marketing & growth hacking. We want to provide you an opportunity at a unique summer experience including 12 weeks of on-the-job-training about digital marketing with a focus on growth hacking. At the same time, TechEvo will have the opportunity to get to know you as a candidate and potentially fill a key position at our company, marketing lead who possesses effective, analytical, and creative marketing skills. Let's conquer the international market in the field of technology and software development together.

Training Processes

Phase 1: Joining our warriors team of Marketing & Growth Hacking in the program led by CEO of TechEvo - Mr. Thành Lưu.

Phase 1: Having “real battles" in the international market with our newest product of Techevo.

Phase 1: Be a “missing" piece of the “TechEvo puzzle".


Learning opportunities, practical experiences with Growth Hacking and Tips for Start-up to survive in an era of drastic technological evolution.

Learning the differences between a startup and company?

Learning more about yourself.

You will be beneficial as a real Techevo employee if you pass the Program and would like to stay & grow with Techevo.


Love Marketing ‘as you love yourself’ and seriously wish to make changes with Marketing.

IELTS 6.0 or equivalent English ability, especially in Reading & Writing.

Be able to work part-time/full-time during the program (For after class practices).


Applying by sending your CV to [email protected]

Application deadline: 09/06/2018

If you have any other inquiries:


0373 039 885 (Linh)

Email us

[email protected]