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TechEvo’s purpose is to utilize the world’s latest marketing technologies to benefit your organization. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in our domains while working with major companies around the globe.






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A brief history

In October 2017, Thanh Luu invited Kevin Pham to establish a company called TechEvo. Now, over 2 years laters, our team has grown to over 20 Evocians. But it didn't happen overnight. Here's our story.

A spaceship named TechEvo of 6 staffs taxied and boarded to the final destination: SUCCESS

Nov 1, 2017

MakiPlace had her several first sales and earned $12,074 USD in total for the first month of launching MVP version.

Nov 21, 2017


People have registered to our first early access program

Feb, 2018

A startup called Opensea coorporated with us with the desire of promoting the unique heritage of the ancient Hanoi’s cultures to foreigners.

Jun, 2018

VinID - Vingroup became TechEvo’s customer.

Jul, 2018

TechEvo celebrated its 1st annivasary.

The spaceship was added 4 more seats with total of 10 members.

Nov 1, 2018

Associated with Topica Edtech Group to help them achieve the optimum product with market fit. Together we get the proof & tangible early tractions of the products.

Dec, 2018

We introduced one of the stops of TechEvo’s Spaceship: TechEvo Summer Internship 2019. The training program has a target of sharing the knowledge of growth hacking and building a growth team for us.

Jun, 2019

Don't just take our word, see what other experts are saying about us!

"As a project manager, I must take many different responsibilities to help our product grow better and best. Thanh Luu and his team actually met my demands and requirement. Time is tough to the whole project but I trusted TechEvo team. Reliable, well-prepared and knowledable should describe my feedbacks for TechEvo. I'm sastified with what you guys've done. Great work!"

Nhat Dinh Bui
Co-founder at Kidtopi
Director of Topica Founder Institute

"I had a chance working with Thanh Luu and his team on the way to build the application of our product. Thanh Luu truly listened to the needs, requirements and gave us some useful advices before and during the process. Giving out the BonBon City tour application with the useful features for our customers after two months which make us satisfied. The whole team was really supportive and I couldn't ask for more. Hope to work with TechEvo team in other projects soon!"

Mi Nguyen
CMO at Opensea Vietnam

"Thanh is an expert in wordpress and UI. He is very good at team management and developed great wordpress themes that are used by million of people. He is passionate in what he is doing and his service is beyond expectation."

Cao Vuong
CEO at Unica

"...Thanh's expertise is WordPress and he excels at that. Working with Thanh was one of the most pleasant times I have had at PageBold. He's supportive, focused, open-minded, and respectful. It was easy to see his passion for building valuable technology products and entrepreneurship in his hard work...."

Duong (Ufo) Nguyen
Product Marketing Manager
Associate Product Manager at Got It, Inc.

"...The biggest impression I have for Kevin is his knowledge and skills for a wide range of developing methods and programming languages. Literally you can throw any technical tasks to him and he can handle it very well. If there is something he does not know or is not familiar with, instead of saying no to difficulties, he jumps in and starts to learn. Kevin is supportive, open-minded, responsible, and fast at learning. He's passionate about building technology products that deliver true values. If to recruit a great technical member on the team, Kevin definitely would be one of my top choices."

Duong (Ufo) Nguyen
Product Marketing Manager
Associate Product Manager at Got It, Inc.

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