An experience of a Growth Hacker after attending the TSI2019

I am currently an intern of Growth team in TechEvo. This position is such a precious and unique working experience to me and everything I could say about it is gratitude. It all began after the Growth Hacking Course in the summer of 2019.

An Nguyen
Mr.Thanh, the main coach of Growth Hacking Course, is showing the Course Content Overview to the whole class

How it all started

The information about the Growth Hacking Course came to me at a great timing when I was looking for a summer job. As a third-year university student, I was looking for a place to explore my abilities and skills. However, prior to the course, an obstacle stood in my way - an interview with TechEvo HR manager and CEO. In contrast to my expectation, the interview was really friendly and comfortable. Its sole purpose was to find out whether I was suitable for the course and willing to spend 4 weeks to learn a completely new skill.

Finally, the congratulation email came with my excitement. In the email, TechEvo even sent me a tip so that I could show my skills better in future interviews. Without saying, my impression with the company couldn’t get any better. Thinking back, this is probably one of my reasons for joining this awesome team later.

Week 1 - 2: Foundation

The first lesson took place on June 17, at Funny Co-working Space. The beautiful venue along with the support from the staff definitely make the lesson better. However, it, of course, was not the main point. Coming to the class, I was surprised that not all of the participants were inexperienced like me. Besides university students, business-owners as well as their team also joined the class. Thanks to that, we could listen from real perspective of real entrepreneurs. Their insights were super useful throughout the class as they share past mistakes and current struggling with business.

About the content of the class, the first piece of information I received was the definition of Growth Hacking. Rewind to when I read the post about the course, I thought I’d do marketing stuff. After the interview and more information, I thought Growth Hacking was part of Marketing. But during the first few minutes of the course, I was told I was wrong, Growth Hacking is its own thing, completely different from Marketing, The coach aka my current boss even said that if anybody expected to learn about Marketing here, they could leave. So, my mind was blown. Then, I was introduced to the list of all the content we’d learn, I was surprised by the width of topics. Basically, the course covered the process, 19 different channels and more than 200 ideas to hack growth.

The biggest takeaway from the first session was a clear picture of Growth hacking and the profile of a Growth hacker. Throughout week 1 and week 2, I was taught about Growth Hacking process, and some channels to hack growth: Viral Marketing, PR, Unconventional PR, Advertisement, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Target Blog, Business Development, Sales and Community building. The knowledge I provided became the firm foundation that I could base my further research on.

Moreover, an awesome chance to PRACTICE was granted to all of my teammates. We could come to TechEvo and interview customers. All of the customers here was business-owner with success in their field. The biggest lesson I received was how to ask the right questions. Besides, I got the chance to visit and work at a company of one of my classmates and learnt a lot by looking into their logical working process and approach to the problems.

“By active listening and observing other people’s interviews, I learnt how to frame my questions as well as follow-up to collect the information. A knowledgeable course, real practices, useful lessons”

Our class is concentrating on the lessons

Week 3 - 4: New journey starts

With all the amazing experience I got when learning and practicing, obviously, I was over the moon when I got the offer to become a part of the TechEvo’s Spaceship. Because of the working experience, I was really happy to see how my knowledge became practical when put into reality. Additionally, since I already knew my teammates of Growth team in the course, we could understand each other better and cooperate more smoothly.

In the class, we continued learning about other channels like Engineering as Marketing, Affiliate Programme, Existing Platform, Trade Shows, Offline Events, Speaking Engagements as well as how to develop a growing hacking idea. Our growth team also made presentations to the whole class about different Business Model to show how we’ve grown through the course. Though they were not perfect, we learnt a lot from the researching process ourselves

My teammate is presenting about different Business Models on behalf of my team
My teammate is presenting about different Business Models on behalf of my team

Now, I’m more than satisfied to be working in the Spaceship as an intern of the Growth team. I learn about fresh ideas and try new things everyday I come to our office. By the way, I’ve heard through the grapevine that a new course organized solely for fresh growth hackers is coming soon. If so, would you like to join us?

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